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A two-time winner of the Red Herring Global Top 100 Award – a prestigious technology award whose past winners include Facebook, YouTube, and Google -- hc1's secure, HIPAA-compliant solution is in use by world leading healthcare organizations spanning 600 sites, and has processed more than one billion clinical activities to date. The hc1® Healthcare Relationship Cloud®enables healthcare organizations to create a unique, personalized relationship with patients throughout their entire care journey.

At hc1.com, our success is predicated on team members who thrive in our culture of Freedom & Accountability. Rather than focusing on onerous policies and procedures that stress what can’t be done, we empower talented people who perform at a high level to be innovative and creative. This approach results in delivering outstanding solutions and service for our rapidly growing client base. Our team members take ownership of their initiatives. 100% accountability for the success of clients and team members is the pinnacle of our high performance mentality.

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